Discovered treasures

Discovered treasures

As a relaxing and stimulating pastime, Shaun and his wife Alison have been fortunate enough to locate many treasures hidden by huntsetters who have left clues in books, videos, audio files etc.

Most recent finds:

The Quercus Circus golden acorn, with Paul Harkin, Will Westaway and the “Shortrounds”:



The Hidden Sun, that Shaun won with Paul Harkin in 2020:

Some other treasures that Shaun has located… (click on pics for more info):

While a member of The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club, in a series of team hunts with fellow club members, Shaun won:

  • A life-sized solid silver eagle in the ‘Flight of Fantasy’ hunt
  • A small wooden and silver lute in ‘Dunnin’s Loot’
  • A silver toad
  • A gazetteer, compass and wooden chest
  • A silver plaque of Scotland in Scottish Quest by Charles Cunningham

Deciphering clues in the book ‘Treasure’ written by Dan James for the East Midlands Tourist Board, Shaun and Alison claimed 3 solid gold coins, 3 weekend breaks and came within a hair’s breadth of claiming the £250,000 main prize.

The Pot of Gold by Tom Haze yielded the prize of a pot of 200 £1 coins.

In the Dash Discovery Trail, Shaun and Alison won a place in the final to compete in a special one-off of TV’s “The Crystal Maze”.

Shaun and family won a place in the final of the Sunday Observer Treasure Hunt.

Not all of Shaun’s treasure hunt involvement is mentioned here, this is just a sample.