Shall we go for a walk?

Shall we go for a walk?

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I don’t follow the news much. Important news finds its way to me anyway, and I’ll jump into action if it affects me, or I can affect it. The energy I have saved not worrying about things can then be used for good, I hope!

Covid-19 affects us all. I’ve regularly been contacted about making ventilators, but my guess was that lots of people would be doing the same, so I’d only be reinventing the wheel. I don’t do that. I thought about ways that I might help, and came up with two ideas:

The first is a way to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses at source. I looked at the challenge from a systems engineering perspective, and found what I believe to be a simple and effective solution. A few pennies spent preventing infection can save a life and tens of thousands of pounds in treatment further down the line. But that’s not what I want to talk about here.

My second thought was to find a way for us to get out and about, even when we are in lockdown. Part of the fun of exploration is finding your own way, so I won’t explain it too much, just point you to the doors that will lead you into alternative worlds.

These are prototype worlds, and I’ll continue to tinker with them, making them faster, better and with more immersion. However, rather than wait I’ll just let you play – please excuse any glitches or weirdness, and do let me know if you have any comments or suggestions or can help!

  • Turn on sound (button at top of screen, sometimes difficult to see)
  • Wear headphones or earphones if you can
  • Close any pop-up speech bubbles after you have read them

Find Daisy at Legoland Windsor

I hope this doesn’t need any explanation – just start walking! Daisy is tiny, so you may need to zoom in when you get “hot”. If you’re wondering where you have seen these characters before, ask this guy…

Brodsworth Hall

Brodsworth Hall is an English Heritage site in South Yorkshire. The hall and pleasure gardens were created in the 1860s, and this peaceful slice of Victorian England has been “conserved as found”.

I suggest that you stroll past the house, and wander around until you find the private musical performance that I have arranged especially for you.

Diagon Alley

Potter around the shops in the recreated film set, and see if you can find the golden snitch.

Vitae-III on the International Space Station

A while ago, I wrote about the deployable sculpture that we “exhibited” on the International Space Station. This is the penultimate step to putting Anilore Banon’s much larger Vitae sculpture on the moon.

I thought it would be fun to recreate this in the virtual world, so float your way into the cupola (hint – just keep moving forward!) and you’ll find a slightly smaller version of the sculpture that French astronaut Thomas Pesquet deployed for us.

I think it works best if you keep zoomed out. Who knew that life in space would feel exactly like being in a tumble dryer full of clean white washing?!

Bolsover Castle

History on top of history… Bolsover in Derbyshire is home to a magnificent 17th century castle that is founded upon its medieval ancestor. Once in the “world”, click on the map (top left) to begin your monster-guided tour of this English Heritage splendour.

If you feel the need to meet more of those Monsters (of course you do!) look here

Lisianski Island

After all that running around on adventures, why not take a relaxing holiday to a remote Hawaiian island?

Treasure Island

Or how about a real life treasure island? Even if you don’t believe the legends of treasures supposedly buried by pirates on Cocos, the natural treasures will no doubt delight. Head West to discover the carved rocks. See if you can discover the marks made by the 1987 Cousteau mission.

Atmosphere and effects tests

Ghost Town

Bodie State Historic Park – pleasant enough during the day, but add a little twilight zone magic and its character changes….

Just turn on the sound (top left), keep walking forwards, listening to the sound of your footsteps and heartbeat…

This place is a little less pleasant at night….


Plockton, Scotland. One of the locations for the filming of the 1973 film The Wicker Man. The rain effect can be better, but with the sound on I think it feels right.

Area 51

There’s something lurking near Area 51. I don’t know what it is, but if you press the space bar it seems to do something.