Quest casket

Quest solid gold casket

In 2006, Shaun finallly located a gold casket valued at £45,000. Not before time; he had been searching for it over 14 years.
The clues were hidden in the book – ‘Quest – a Zetetic Treasure Hunt’ by Martyn Lambourne. Bizarrely, he first discovered the book in an unexpected place – among the assorted electronics and computers at the rather geeky “Radio Amateurs Fair” in Leicester.
The treasure was found by solving clues hidden in a series of 29 poems – the answer to each poem led to the beginning of the next, and contributed a piece towards the overall code. Shaun developed a dislike for rhyming clues, as it’s very difficult to work out what is in the poem as a clue, and what is there just to make the rhyme…

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  1. I’ve followed your website & enjoy your work. I have 2 small girls & enjoy the thrill of them finding order in chaos. Not only on this planet but others. I’ll be getting your nongle soon but might have to learn another language to put it all together!

    1. Hi Matt, great! My good friend Wade VanLandingham is back online with our Nongle stuff, and he’s a really helpful chap so should be able to help you navigate your way around the Nongles 🙂

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