Quest casket

Quest solid gold casket

In 2006, Shaun finallly located a gold casket valued at £45,000. Not before time; he had been searching for it over 14 years.
The clues were hidden in the book – ‘Quest – a Zetetic Treasure Hunt’ by Martyn Lambourne. Bizarrely, he first discovered the book in an unexpected place – among the assorted electronics and computers at the rather geeky “Radio Amateurs Fair” in Leicester.
The treasure was found by solving clues hidden in a series of 29 poems – the answer to each poem led to the beginning of the next, and contributed a piece towards the overall code. Shaun developed a dislike for rhyming clues, as it’s very difficult to work out what is in the poem as a clue, and what is there just to make the rhyme…

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