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Scrapheap Challenge:

As a fan of the TV show 'Scrapheap Challenge', Shaun was delighted to be asked onto the “Bomb Disposal” episode as a judge.  To his surprise and pleasure, the judge is allowed to assist on the day in between the build and test of the teams’ contraptions.  Shaun modified some of the components in the teams' machines to make sure they would survive the test day.  Testing took place on a freezing cold and wet industrial site, but it was great fun with the presenters Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers.

Monster Garage:

On the UK pilot show of 'Monster Garage' Shaun worked in a team to design and build a project to convert a Toyota Supra sports car into a racing lawnmower, while keeping it attractive.  The team, led by Hell’s Angel ‘Cookie’,  tested the contraption in the grounds of Wormwood Scrubs prison in the dead of night.  They then took the completed vehicle to Windsor racecourse and easily beat the top of the range 'industrial' mower in a race to mow the final two furlongs of the course.

Building the Indestructible:

Shaun designed, built and constructed a test structure for the TV series 'Building the Indestructible'.  This was more of a challenge than it appeared, as it had to be designed to break at a specified vibration level.  It is easy to build something to survive a particular environment, it is much more difficult to get it to break at the right moment!

Right: The test structure for Building the Indestructible

Other media:

Shaun has also appeared many times in newspapers and on the radio.