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The Edge-of-Space flight was a Scoutek project, an experiment with a "faster, cheaper, better" way to deploy and recover payloads from the stratosphere, in excess of 100,000 feet altitude.  It was also a lot of fun!  We needed a video test subject for this flight, and were kindly provided with a "3d printed" candidate by Laser Lines of Banbury, Oxfordshire UK.  

Named after the machine on which he was "born", Mojo Spaceman was filmed for 1.5 hours.

He reached the blackness of space, suspended on a platform beneath a meteorological balloon.  He had a rather dramatic exit from the gondola when the balloon burst at peak altitude.  The balloon burst was expected; Mojo Spaceman’s departure was not!  

However, in an amazing stroke of good fortune - a treasure hunt in itself - he was discovered and returned to us.  The fantastic story of his discovery is reported here.

Edge of Space Flight