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“What do you do for a living?”  

That’s never been an easy one for Shaun to answer, so he invented the terms Creationeer and Creationeering to describe the special combination of creativity and engineering.  It’s adapted from, and an homage to, what Walt Disney called his engineers - “imagineers”.  Shaun considers Disney’s Imagineers to be amongst the finest scientists, technologists, engineers and artists on this planet.

The best way to show what creationeering means is to give you just a few examples from Shaun’s rather eclectic mix!

Engineering out Crime:

As a researcher for the Midlands Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice at Loughborough University, Shaun investigated ways of designing out mobile phone theft as well as tackling cyber-crime.  This included visiting prisons to interview offenders.  In a strange twist, this also resulted in him being one of the few people to ever be thrown out of prison, but that’s a long story….

Shaun also created the “magic bullet” concept.  In this highly original device, a “bullet” was designed that could not be distinguished from the real thing - identical to a 44 “Magnum” cartridge.  It would be introduced into the black market.  However, if a criminal tried to use it, rather than firing, it would send a burst of mobile phone signal to precisely identify the location of the criminal to the authorities.  Imagine the implications.

Sponsored student projects:

Shaun has sponsored many amazing students to carry out interesting projects at a number of universities including Leicester, Loughborough, Manchester, Leeds and Strathclyde.  Projects included the Cybike, an environmentally friendly enclosed motorcycle concept - long before the similar “C1” was drawn up by BMW’s engineers.  Any students or educators with interesting project ideas should feel free to contact Shaun or his company, Scoutek Ltd.

Red Bull Art of Can:

Inspired by the beautiful film “2001 - A Space Odyssey” Shaun created a rotating space station from Red Bull cans.  The work of art was displayed in an exhibition at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London in April 2005.

Red Bull Flugtag:

In 2004, Shaun and unsuspecting colleagues Chris Bicknell and Jon Sykes from the Space Research Centre were sponsored by Red Bull to design and build a gyroglider in the shape of a huge head of Noddy Holder, lead singer of the ‘70s rock band Slade.  The “flying” craft was launched from a 6m high ramp into the Serpentine lake at Hyde Park, London, and the “band” performed in front of an estimated crowd of 250,000!

Spitfire memorial competition:

The good people of Southampton, home of the magnificent Spitfire aircraft, rightly felt that they needed their own tribute, something that was missing from the city.  They set up a competition to design the memorial.  Shaun’s entry was inspired by the sort of fine filigree patternwork observed in nature's own delicate flying machines.   

The aircraft was held aloft by sweeping supports emanating from its wingtips, in recognition of the origins of the beautiful elliptical wing shape, which was developed to reduce the swirling vortices of air that would otherwise slow its flight.  Sadly, the design was not selected, but received a huge amount of publicity for the memorial fund.